Suffering from heel spur?

Based on your shoe size, all the way to your doorstep. No surgeries, no expensive treatments, a quick and high-quality solution The Israeli patent puts an end to the pain from the first step.

10% of the world's population suffers from the problem.

Heel spur / Plantar fasciities:

"Heel Free" does not require any measurements or any other procedure and provides an efficient and quick solution to the problem. Traditional treatments in most cases are expensive, ineffective and accompanied by pain

The heel is in the air and the pain disappears.

Meet the innovative "Heel Free" patent:

Barak Yehoshua, owner & technical guy of a well-known orthopedic institute
with over 35 years of experience in solving a variety of orthopedic problems
developed the ultimate solution for heel pain: "Heel-Free"
After treating thousands of patients with a quick solution to their problem,
Joshua turned to senior doctors Who conducted medical researches.
The results of the studies have shown great success,
Some of whom were even invited to international conferences to lecture about the results of the studies.

And today it can be purchased without the need for customization. "Heel-Free" has been approved as an world-wide Israeli patent

How It Works?

From the first step the heel is in the air. There is no pressure on the heel and the pain simply disappears.

* Don't worry, if you received an incorrect size, we will replace it wothout extra charge.Choose your shoe size.
Enter where you want to get delivery. delivery to your doorstep.
After a few days the package will arrive at your doorstep.
Get a full refundno pain relife?
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The heel is in the air

Stepping on the "spur" in the heel is the cause of the pain - with "Heel-Free" the heel is in the air

Immediate pain relief

"Barak" unique methods were tested in leading hospitals in Israel by the senior doctors and some of them were invited to lecture about the results at international conferences.

No customization required Pre-adjusted based on show size.

Just order by your shoe size and feel immediate pain relief.

Strong and durable materials

Our materials are harmless Composite & resistant to extreme conditions and prolonged walking

Why Heel-free?

When we look at all the other options in order to relieve heel pain- "Heel free" stands out in a very clear way

Custom insole
Not necessarily
Not necessarily
Depends on the place
Preparation process: one to two weeks

Various shelf insoles
Not necessarily
Travel to the store and purchase
Immediate and long-term
Order from the website and get to the house
Effective for severe heel pain
Professor Israel Shapira, Head of Department At "Bnei Zion" Hospital in Haifa, experienced a variety of treatments available today.

"What a miracle! Within 3 weeks the pain was completely gone! After three years nothing helped!"

customers recommend

Megi aroch izhak

I just wanted to say... * your customer service is amazing. thank you * I've recived "Heel-Free" at 10:00-10:30. by the time i got them i was suffering from a strong heel pain and i could bearly walk (I work with children) an hour after i put on the insoles - no pain. thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart. there is no price for health. Highly recommand!!!!

Eti ben-sason

I bought "Heel Free" for my husband. after two weeks the no more pain. Highly recommend.

Heli Oren

I bought "Heel-Free" since i've used them i feel alot better with my heel, less pain, walking is more comfortable because the unique stractue and the patent of the insole. while buying and after purchase the customer service was kind, proffesional and gracfull. Highly recommend

Moshe Karoutchi

i was suffering from heel pain, so i bought "Heel-Free" with the recommendation of a sports physiotherapist. Al ready in the initial moments I felt significant relief in the foot and heel But more important I wanted to mention the amazing service I received when ordered The product. I replaced the size due to wrong adjustments and it was easy, fast and very patient on the part of Asaf, with impressive caring for my personal needs. recommendations for proper managment. Thanks

Gonen Tehar Lev

Suffers about half a year from a heel spur and your insoles brought me back to life. The pain decreased significantly. The insoles are also very comfortable and even if I may- about your design you definitely played it well.
customers recommend...
If you suffer from heel pain, whether it is new harassment or chronic pain, whether you have tried before Insoles or any other treatment and nothing helped

The answer is simple:

"Heel-Free" is the solution for you!

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