Heel pain / Calcanial spur

Suffering from heel pain? You came to the right place. Introducing: Heel-Free by Barak The perfect solution for your heel pain

  • Medical studies

    Medically tested in Israelis hospitals by the leading Israeli doctors

  • Israeli patent

    Approved as an international Israeli patent, proving that there is no such method of treatment in the entire world

  • Immediate relief

    Feel the relief from the first step. Just walk on it

  • Maximum accessibility

    No need for measurements, no need for "doctor visit". Simply order by shoe size and put the pain in the past

  • Financially worthwhile

    Uncompetitive cost. Only 399 NIS. No more high fee for a quality medical solution

What is Heel-Free?

  • Heel-Free is the only insole in the world that relief heel pressure completely without customization

  • The insole is uniquely built with full arch support and the entire heel area is completely neutralized by pressure. The heel is "floating" in the air

  • This insole is the result of development by Mr. Barak Joshua, a certified orthopedic technician with over 35 years of experience in the field and more than 15 different treatments for all foot problems

  • After treating thousands of patients whose problems were solved with Heel-Free, Barak approached leading research doctors in Israel who researched the idea behind the development and the results were amazing

  • Heel-Free Approved as an international patent which proves that there is no such method for releasing heel pressure worldwide

Why Heel-Free?

When we look at all the other options in order to alleviate heel pain, Heel-Free stands out in front of everything else

Custome made Insole
1000 - 2000 ₪
Not necessarily
Not necessarily
Depending on the place
Preparation process: one to two weeks
Other shelf products
50 - 400 ₪
Not necessarily
Going to the store and purchase
399 ₪
Immediate and long term
Order online + Express shipping
Relief of pain
Effective for strong heel pain
Product warranty

Is Heel-Free right for me?

Few words from our satisfied customers

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