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The unique insole

Contrary to what is accepted in the field, it does not require physical arrival at the clinic, making measurements, waiting long and tedious, and the price also leaves no room for deliberation.

The insole is built in such a way that the patient does not step directly on the heel, which is left in the air, thus eliminating the pain. Already in the first step, the ligament does not stretch and there is no aggravation of the inflammatory condition and perhaps the most important thing: This method of treatment speeds up the healing and prevents the problem from returning in the future.

And became available for purchase online starting in August 2020 at a cheap price relative to "Heel-Free" The product was named For the alternatives currently on the market (you can get an impression on the official website). It is possible to order the insole to solve spur problems / heel pain without physically getting to the place (which did not exist before). Now you can just type in the size of the shoes and get the product that will change your life in fast delivery Up to the house just as if you were physically at the clinic - just without having to stand in traffic jams, Wait long weeks and spend large sums of money on the way to a custom insole clinic.

End the pain in three simple steps:

Step A'

Check if your size is in stock

Step B'

Fill in the address you want the insole to reach. The word and size available in stock will be transferred to fill in the shipping and payment details

Step C'

Do not worry, inside the package you will receive there is a detailed instruction booklet as well. A detailed explanation of the email address is given to the email address you entered for your convenience.

The product will reach you within a few days with an express courier to your doorstep.

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