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Barak Orthopedics

We are Barak Orthopedics.

An Israeli Orthopedic Business specializing in the production and development of advanced orthopedic solutions for over 35 years.

After many years in which we worked and still working in our clinic in Holon, where we see many patients on a daily basis, we came to realize that by providing unique solutions we can decrease pain and increase life quality.

Our unique solutions have been researched in the leading hospitals in Israel by the leading research doctors who have even been invited to lecture on the same research results at international conferences.

We have 5 (!!) granted patents proving our unique treatment methods are truly unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

After realizing that we have no less than the ability to change the world for those suffering from orthopedic problems we have embarked on a lengthy manufacturing process at the end of which the ideal solution to the heel pain problem is developed.

Without personalization, without a long and tedious wait and without the need for an expensive payment and the result is in front of you 馃檪

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Hi, how can I help you?